The visual communications industry is totally dynamic and to keep up with this ever evolving technology industry, we ensure that we constantly upgrade and refine our technological knowhow. We have a dedicated team constantly looking at developing newer products and the softwares to suit our customer requirements in even a better way than ever before.

We can develop specialized software based on our customer’s requirements. As each requirement is unique in nature, so are the softwares that we develop. This helps us ensure that we are providing the best solutions and not just a hardware in the form of a LED Board.

Depending upon the type of the board – Key features of our development are
– Several information type such as : text, graphics, clock, date, temperature.
– Tools such as : brightness control, video converter etc.
– Various Features for messages such as sequencing, setting the timing, scrolling, still, increasing / decreasing the character size, different languages, colors etc.
– Messages Store and play as required
– Options that provide settings of lighting :Day/night settings, Timing Light, standard level lighting.
– Softwares for various interfaces and data conversion from existing/customized sources.
– Softwares required to communicate with multiple sites through GPRS and/or GSM, from one central site
– Softwares to generate various reports as per customer requirements